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We  provide services to the Oil & Gas industry.  Through our network of partners and our robust and experienced staff we provide cutting edge products and services to the oil and gas industry. We also provide a range of renewable energy services tailored for our customers needs. Our state of the art energy management technology will help you better optimize your energy consumption.

Our team also focuses on R&D to develop innovations that would solve energy problems. 

Innovation for the next Generation

Our strategic network of engineering expertise, manufacturing and distribution capabilities focus on meeting customers’ need.

Our Services

Project Management

Subsurface Welding & Inspection

Pipeline Construction

Modular Refinery


Pipeline Construction



Oil & Gas services

We developed flare gas elimination or reduction project through gas treating and GTL technology. We make sense of stranded gas by converting it to viable products which could easily be transported by road trucks or ocean tankers, depending on if it is onshore or offshore.

In order for plants and machinery to run with minimal breakdown, we apply our MFAPM system to monitor and maintain the facilities. Below are the services we offer:

  • Gas to Liquid
  • Modular Refinery
  • Port and Harbour

We also provide services to the Oil & Gas industry based on our field of expertise

Our Partners

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