Port and Harbour

As export of commercial products to the international market occurs mostly through sea ports and harbours, McAlpha Inc will develop a port facility near a plant to facilitate products distribution. We can develop a sea port or an offshore loading system connected to the pipeline end manifold to allow loading of deep draft vessels that will not be able to navigate shallow waters.

Over the years, McAlpha personnel have proven technical expertise in port, jetty and wharf maintenance, design and construction of the most complex marine infrastructures, especially in North Sea, West African and United Arab Emirate regions.

Our jetty and wharf design services include a detail consultation which aims to outline your specific requirements as well as any size or time restrictions you may have. Our team of expertise provides simple design requirements to full scale marinas as well as providing cost analysis before a project commences to understand budget implications and also provide the most effective way to accomplish construction and marine productivity goals.

McAlpha jetty and Wharf design services include but not limited to:

  • Jetty design and Wharf construction
  • Quay wall renovation
  • Marine and Jetty piling
  • Jetty and Wharf maintenance