Custom Applications

Reliable, monitored, cost effective fuel cell cabinets

EnerPex Inc and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is proud to present the next level of innovation in regards to reliable off grid back up power systems. These custom applications are made to exceed industry standards by factoring all critical conditions to reassure backup power is supplied when needed. EnerPex is an International company with a head office in St Albert Alberta Canada, and Lagos, Nigeria, Africa who are specialized in Alternative energy components and equipment. EnerPex has been built up of many years in the electrical industry from panel wiring, automation and control with leading edge alternative energy programs. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies have been leading the path in regards to Fuel Cell design, research and development with advanced manufacturing capabilities. Horizon head office is located in Singapore with multiple offices globally. With the 2 companies strategically strong in their area, the products will be the new technology to set the standards in all industries internationally. The custom cabinets are designed with all measures being considered regarding efficiency, safety and reliability in the harshest of conditions. Our cabinets will stand up to the arctic freezing temperatures through to the blistering heat of the African sun. The fuel Cell uses a 65% methanol mixture, which will drastically reduce freezeup potential and costing of using a full methanol product fuel source. With additional features as full monitoring and control as a standard on all units sold. Our specialty designed cabinet provides reliable 12 VDC power for electrical equipment, instrumentation and automation solutions used in wellhead production, processing, refining facilities and pipelines. Also full operation to backup power for all railway applications. Inside the Cabinet, our custom remote monitoring solution continuously monitors and trends all information to properly give information on a live fed or interval based time lines. All set points are with simple dropdown functionality for the most efficient fuel consumption, and battery monitoring for increased lifespan. EnerPex Inc will be a hub for Horizon fuel cell in Canada covering all grounds from Sales and distribution, warranty claims, to fuel purchasing and re fueling. With all factors taken in consideration, you will have the next level of client reassurance.