EnerPex Inc. Energy Storage a (ESS) . This product is designed to work with or without grid power. It also has the potential of having multiple different sources of alternate power. We can customize the unit to run on all sources of fuel required. The charging system could be integrated with solar, wind, fuel cell or generated backup. The ESS system is designed to maximize power efficiency, lower cost, and give you the reassurance that you have 100% power demand at all times. EnerPex Inc., will manufacture all ESS systems in house in North America. Every unit will be fully certified with all certifications needed for every country. EnerPex has also integrated ESS with remote camp applications. Each 20, 40, and 53 foot containers with a specialty designed interior with integrated ESS system.


Battery Options

Lead Acid
> Gell Cell

(All Lead acid batteries come with additional features which prolong battery lifetime and keep charge cycles effective and efficient)

Lithium Ion
> LifePo4

(All Lithium
Ion batteries have great charge and discharge
characteristics and long increased overall cycle capability)

Container Options
8 foot
20 foot
40 foot
53 foot

(All containers come standard with all Heat and cooling methods, with all appropriate venting)
(optional customization is available on all units to meet demands)

Available Systems

> Integrates solar, wind, or other generators (AC or DC) into micro-grids via AC-coupling for highest efficient
>Compatible with solar, wind, multiple resurces
>Reduces generator fuel usage even further, plug-ND-PLy with multiple generator types
> Maintains high power quality on the entire grid

> Peak-power shaving, time-shifting, demand response
> Multi-megawatt utility-scale systems
> Enables high penetration levels of solar behind substations by resolving voltage issues
> Smooth intermittency, ramping, flicker from large wind farms