Energy Efficiency & Management solution

We pride ourselves in the wealth of experience of our engineers and technicians in their various fields of endeavour to bring projects to successful completion on schedule and within budget under the auspices of our community, local content, safety, environment, securities and health policies. Our engineers and technicians have completed various projects in the past 30 years.

We partner with local businesses and communities to ensure optimum local content participation. Hence, we encourage the inclusion of the local community from the moment we have an agreement to execute this project through our community liaison office and consultants.

Achieving the Desire Results

We are a passionate provider of cost-effective energy monitoring and reduction technology and services. We help our clients achieve optimum energy efficiency – adding percentage points to their net profit margin.

We work with SMEs, Facilities and Property Managers, Utilities and Energy Brokers throughout Alberta and Canada to help them securely manage their energy.

Why you might need us:

  • Inefficient Building Management
  • Increasing Reduction Target
  • Accurate Tenant Billing
  • Poor Data visibility