Remote monitoring and control of equipment

We offer unqiue mechanism of Monitoring and Controling

Avoid Problems Before They Occur. When running multiple Small applications alternative energy components and equipment for your company, it is important to know when specific cabinets or equipment requires maintenance and service, before a possible problem occurs. Whether you have a small number of environmental monitoring cabinets, or crosswalk lighting systems in your area or thousands, it is easy to forget when particular components need service. Avoiding or missing Services can lead to significant problems in the components, ranging anywhere from low fuel to component malfunction. Also, being proactive about maintenance will help your company:
    • Reduce fuel consumption
    • Lower operational costs
    • Keep your equipment more efficient for faster ROI’s
We feel that maintaining your components regularly is so important that EnerPex’s Preventative Maintenance Module comes standard with our solution It’s As Simple As… Our Preventative Maintenance Module has been designed to simplify the task of assigning and managing a large number of Services across a broad array of custom cabinets and components. These Services can then be easily applied to an existing components and cabinets, allowing for uniform service assignments.